what i do

Social Media Consulting


Outsourcing your digital marketing operations might not always be the right option. Hence, I frequently travel across the world for consulting days with businesses to help them achieve real business growth through social.

The experience starts with an in-depth onboarding document which outlines where your business is currently at - delving deep into your digital marketing activities, your audience and results.

I then follow-up with some questions (if applicable) and devise a brief strategy deck and present this to your in-house team.

From thereon, we have lengthly discussions where we can delve deep into some of your pain points and subsequently create a plan of action to your success.

Businesses that have used my consultancy services and executed my recommendations have seen explosive growth in all facets of their digital marketing operations - achieving true bottom-line results.

Consulting days start at £1,500 + travel expenses. If your event is outside London, travel will be priced prior to invoicing.

If you're interested feel free to reach out here.


Aran Spencer-Higgins
Managing Partner. Social Buff